Almost all the paintings you see on this site are available as signed prints. Please contact me at

Large, hand signed Prints ,42x29.7 cm,  on 200g grained matte paper with a

certificate of Authenticity and back story  30€ each


Since leaving my studio in 59 Rivoli- Paris, I have been working on many commissions. This is how it works.
Normally, I like to go to the place, walk around, do a drawing and take lots of photos of everything all around. In this case, it wasn't possible. The people wanted a painting of Ronda, Spain. They sent me photos of their visit and I searched the internet for photos as well. Here is the step by step of our creation. This took months to finish as the paint must dry between layers and I paint in about 20 different layers. This painting itself took about 100 hours . If you would like to commission a painting, let me know!
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