VERNISSAGE samedi 21 juillet 2018

South of France English Theatre

163 rue St- Sauveur

Le Vieux Cannet



Anatomy of a Commission
Since leaving my studio in 59 Rivoli- Paris, I have been working on many commissions. This is how it works.
Normally, I like to go to the place, walk around, do a drawing and take lots of photos of everything all around. In this case, it wasn't possible. The people wanted a painting of Ronda, Spain. They sent me photos of their visit and I searched the internet for photos as well. Here is the step by step of our creation. This took months to finish as the paint must dry between layers and I paint in about 20 different layers. This painting itself took about 100 hours . If you would like to commission a painting, let me know!


 I've  begun delving into portraiture. Being basically self-taught, I've never really learned how to go about it. I came across a book that has helped me explore.
Most of my Paris paintings have no people in them but now, I'm suddenly inspired to have them in my paintings. Maybe spending much of my time in a tiny mountaintop village of Seborga is the catalyst. In Paris, it was so hard to be alone and one is always surrounded by people so I just didn't want them in my work too.  In Seborga, I get to be mostly alone so people are now allowed back in. Just a theory...
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